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Morningside, Edinburgh:

0131 447 4747

Morningside, Edinburgh:

0131 447 4747

Hunters Residential is the Property Division of Gillespie Macandrew

Preparing your property for viewing: a quick guide

First Impressions Matter - ensure that your property is presented to the market in the best possible condition. You only get one chance to create a first impression so make sure that the entrance of the property is looking at its best. Go to the other side of the street - how does your house compare with the neighbouring properties? Does the garden need tidied up or could it do with a few flowers to brighten it up? Is the paintwork in need of freshening up? Do the windows need a quick wash? Is the stairwell clean and tidy? Surveys tell us that most purchasers make up their minds about a property within minutes of arriving so make that first impression a good one.

De-Clutter: de-clutter the property by removing any large unnecessary items of furniture, children's toys, dog baskets etc. You want to create a feeling of space. Small rooms can be transformed by a large mirror on the wall.

Turn on the lights: a dark, badly lit entrance hall will immediately create a negative impression. If the hallway is naturally dark then make sure that you provide the light to make it feel warm and welcoming.

Make the most of your kitchen and bathroom: make sure that your kitchen is spotless. Greasy hobs, crumby surfaces and sticky floors are an immediate turn off. Make sure the work surfaces are clear and that none of the kitchen appliances are running when you are viewing the property. Spruce up the bathroom. Make sure that the mirror, tiles and bathroom suite are sparkling. A couple of expensive looking soaps, a plant to bring some colour and fresh matching towelst will help to make a gleaming impression.

Remove pets from the property: remove pets from the property at viewing times along with their baskets or cages. You don't wish any distractionsfrom the property itself, , particularly if viewers aren’t pet lovers.

Prepare your sales pitch: have a good think about what you want to bring to the purchaser's attention in every room. Remember to talk about the general location - the lovely neighbours, the shopping and good schools.
Get your viewers contact details: ask your viewers to leave a note of their name and contact details on a sheet of paper as they leave the house. This can be passed to your agent who will then attempt to contact the viewer for feedback. Any feedback, whether negative or positive, is invaluable to you in achieving a sale. 

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